wire (8)

wire (8)

Wire changed majorly and her world has been changed too and she has to know why

published on April 10, 20144 reads 4 readers 1 not completed


I woke up my stomach hurts very badly. I realized something, everything is covered in snow "Why is everything covered in snow?" I said to my self. "Why is my fur white, my hair a light blue, and why do I have highlights in my hair?" I asked my self when I realized that I was different. I stood up and looked around. I couldn't see one living soul. "HELLO!" I screamed hoping to hear a response. "ANYONE THERE!" I screamed again. I felt hopeless so I curled up into a ball and sobbed. Then, I heard a noise in the bushes in front of me. I stood up praying that it was someone I knew, but it was just a little squirrel. I  sighed and curled back into my ball and sobbed some more. I was crying for hours I think, I forced it a lot of times. I gave up and walked around. I wasn't going anywhere special, but nowhere. I eventually got bored of walking, so I ran, ran straight into a pink hedgehog. "Sorry." I said. I was just happy that I wasn't the only one who was alive. "It's ok just watch where your going next time." She snapped at me. She really didn't seem so friendly, but she didn't seem evil either. "My name's Amy, Amy Rose." She said holding out her hand. "My name's Frost." I said shaking her hand. "So.... would it be ok if I asked you some questions?" I asked. "I don't see why not." She responded. "Why is everything covered in snow, who else is alive, and what are you doing out here?" I asked her really fast. "It's winter, tons and tons of people, and I was picking these flowers for my boyfriend Sonic." She said. I looked at the flowers she was talking about they looked like white roses with blue stems. Then, I remembered that last word she said. "You know Sonic?" I asked excitedly. "Of course I do who doesn't?" She answered my question with a question which I didn't get. "Can you take me to him?" I asked which I probably shouldn't have. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH SONIC HE'S MY BOYFRIEND NOT YOURS!" She screamed at me while holding a really big hammer. "I'm an old friend I don't want Sonic to be my boyfriend." I squealed while protecting my face. She put away the hammer and smiled. "Why didn't you say that in the first place. Come on." She said. I followed her still terrified of her as well. Man Sonic has some messed up friends.
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wow. Overreaction....
on April 11, 2014