Animals of this age.

Animals of this age.

I started making this a while back. If my grammer sucks, SO SORRY! I am really not the best speller. And also the story may be a little miss guided. I am still working on it. This is just all I got so far. I was little wen I did this so please not haters! :D

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1. animilstis

1. animilstis

Today's the year of 2018, today's the day something wrong happens in human history.

Today two scientists where testing something they made, called "animilstis" he tryed it on his wife. But they did not know the consequences. He put the substance in his wife. But nothing happened.       (Not smart for a scientist ;p)
The next two days past, and still nothing.
But past the two days they wife got really sick.
And she was about to have a baby!
The husband quickly went to the store to get her some medicine. And wen he got home, she was sleeping. The husband did not wake her. He just went to his lab, and did a little studying on his "animilstis", while he was working. He nocked over somethings, stuff got mixed up. But he thought he got everything in place.
She woke wen he spilled stuff, and wen he got to her. He gave her the medicine.
The next day she felt amazing. She never felt so good.
The next couple days where awesome for her. She just ran around. Played and well had fun.
Then the baby was coming, she had baby "Maxwell" but "Max" for short.
The next 4 years. Max was 5.        (Now it is 2018)
And the husband has been working on "animilstis" a lot.
Then again he put the substance in his wife.
And then it made her feel great again, and it healed a tummer she got.
the husband put it in capsules and started telling his boss about it. He sold a lot of cans around the world. To a lot of people.
The next day, he woke up. The house was a mess there was a dirt everywhere.
And his wife was not sleeping by him. He saw these two dogs, baby and mother, and he shoed them out of the house. The mother kept trying to bark.
But then he got the phone out and called the pound.
The dogs got out of there fast, and he never saw the dogs again.

But what he has no idea. That them two dogs. Was his family.
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