wire (6)

wire (6)

Wire and her friends found an abandoned house. Sora thinks it would be cool to spend the night there, Wire on the other hand....

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The Haunted House

The Haunted House

"Can we please stop somewhere to rest." Double said. You could tell that's she was exhausted and I don't blame her. "Look a place to rest." Socue said pointing to an abandoned house. Before Sonic could say anything Sora jumped in and said. "Cool let's go." So we did. We went up to the steps and opened the door it was so dusty, dark, and creepy. "I don't know you guys this is a house that I would condemn it is totally not suitable for resting in."
"What are you scared?" Sora asked me in a teasingly way. "Yes I'm terrified." I responded. "Don't worry I'll protect you." Silver said. After he just realized what he said he started to blush. My friends on the other hand started to giggle. I don't know what was so funny, but I thought it was sweet. "Thanks Silver."
"I'll protect you Socue if you want." Sonic said. I turned around to find Socue smiling and blushing. "Thanks." She said. That girl really has it for him. I went up stairs to find somewhere to sleep. I eventually did and it was an old master-bedroom I jumped on the bed, don't ask me why, and then collapsed. I stared at the ceiling thinking and my past. What was my name before I changed it to Wire and who are my parents, where are they. I had so many questions and a lot of them my friends couldn't answer. I finally fell asleep after all my thinking. I saw a black hedgehog with black curly hair. She was wearing a purple short-sleeved shirt with a scull on it, ripped blue jean, and black leather boots. "Prepare for the frost, Frost" She said. Everything got on fire I couldn't breathe. I woke up and only one thing that came to my mind. Why did she say frost twice.
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