Wire (4)

Wire (4)

R u ready to meet all of Wire`s friends Sonic and his friends are this will clear everything up for poor Wire

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Socue, Sora, and Double

Socue, Sora, and Double

"What's wrong Wire?" Silver asked me. "I'm afraid that someone wants to kill me." I responded. "Who would want to kill you your really cute....I mean cool, cool your really cool heh heh." Silver said blushing. "Wire has a boyfriend Wire has a boyfriend!" I turned around and the three girls were that I sawed earlier ago. I ran up to them and gave them all a hug. "I do not have a boyfriend you guys." I said to them. "We know, but that Silver guy has it for ya if you haven't noticed." Sora said. Sora is the yellow echidna if you didn't know. "Who are you guys?" Knuckles asked. "I'm Socue the hedgehog if you weren't smart enough to know." Socue said. "I'm Sora." Sora said. "And I'm Miley, but these guys call me Double."
"Cool." Sonic said. "Has Daliah give you any signal yet?" Socue asked me with fear in her voice. "Who?" I asked. "COME ON YOU GOTTA REMEMBER WIRE YOU JUST GOTTA REMEMBER THE WAR AND DALIAH!" Sora screamed at me. "Sora calm down do you really expect her to remember anything after the war."
"What war?" I asked. I almost forgot that Silver, Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles were there I turned around and they gone. All well. "One day all of us were at the carnival and Daliah was mad at you for taking away her boyfriend Jetnix..."
"Oh yeah. I remember heh heh whoops." I interrupted. "Any who... so you guys got into this battle, which you won, so here's the catch Daliah's father was an evil master mind and built billion and billions of robots that attacked us you got hit on the head hard so..."
"Now I have an arch enemy." I finished her sentence. "Hey you guys wanna tag along?" Knuckles jumped out and asked. Before I could answer Sora jumped right in and said. "Heck yeah let's go." And that is when my real adventure started.
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