WIRE (2)

WIRE (2)

Wire finds out that you should never trust Eggman and that she needs a little bit of rescuing from, you guessed it Sonic and his friends

published on April 09, 201414 reads 13 readers 0 not completed
The Heroes

The Heroes

"Why does your ship look so sad and depressed?" I asked. "What you don't like it?" He asked. "No."
"Well I am the bad guy so why wouldn't I have a somber ship and are you not evil?" He asked coldly. "I hope not that I`m evil and I don't care if you saved me or not I want nothing to do with you!" I screamed at him. I turned around and walked away from that stupid Eggman and his stupid ship. All of the sudden, tons and tons of robots surrounded me, there was no hope, but i thought I would try so. I ran at one robot and tried to hit him, but he grabbed my fist and to my surprise he started to turn to ice, then I remembered. "You have a special powers of ice." Eggman`s voice rang in my head. I put my mind to it and aimed at a robot and shot him with and icicle and he fall down. All of the robots soon came at me. I couldn't handle them all so I cried out help and let them take me away. "She's no use robotize her." Eggman demanded. At those words I felt hopeless and scared. The robots took me into a room where all it had was a big tube in the middle. They threw me into the tube. Before I could escape the tube closed up and there were only three things going on in my mind. One I'm trapped, two I can't see a thing, and three I'm dead. I heard a big CRASH! Eggman started to yell. "Hedgehog your always ruining my plans!" Then I heard four more voices. One said "What I can't have some fun?" It said in a teasing way. Another one said. "Whatever your doing it's up to no good!" It said in a voice as if they were going to beat Eggman up, which I have no problem with. The third one said. "What in the tube Eggman?" It said out of curiosity, but still very cruel. The last one said. "Your very stupid for not having any robots to protect you Eggman."
"Really I'm stupid for not having any robots. Well let me tell you what's in the tube." Eggman said. The first voice said. "Go on."
"A innocent girl that is about to be my new slave!" He said with glee. Then he let out a big chortle. All of the voices said at once. "NOOO!"
"Let her go Eggman!" The third voice demanded. "To late!" Eggman said. I heard a noise then the tube filled with purple gas. I heard another crash and all I remember is seeing purple eyes.
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