this is about a little mare who only wanted more attention from her friends

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Chapter 1.


Twilight sparkle- Has anyone seen pinkie? I want to t her something!
Applejack- I thought i seen her in the kitchen making more cupcakes for the party with rainbow dash.
Twilight sparkle- Thank you applejack! Pinkie Pie!
Pinkie pie- Yes Twi?
Twilight Sparkle- This is one of the best parties that you made! Its really great! I need to tell everyone about it!
Pinkie Pie- You dont have to do that. Almost everyone know about how great my parties are! So there is no need to do that!
Twilight Sparkle- If you Say so pinkie.
Rainbow Dash- Well im gonna go out withe crowd so see ya. Also this party is so awsome!
Pinkie pie- OK. I will tell you when im done with the cupcakes!
_2 hours later_
Applejack- Well i better go home. See ya guys!
Rainbow dash_ Im also leaving so bye!
Twilight sparkle- Well i better get back to studying so I'm gonna leave.
Fluttershy- Oh my! I almost forgot to feed the animals! I really gotta go now!
Rarity- I need to fill out an order so I'm also gonna leave.
Pinkie Pie- Hey guys! The cupcakes are- done? Where did everybody go? Well they probably have thing to do. But wouldn't they have told me goodbye before they left? They wouldn't have left when they knew i was making cupcakes! Does that mean they ... forgot me?Well i should get some sleep and see if my theory is true. Good night Gummy!
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I watched this video about Applejack and knives and my life will never be the same.
on June 16, 2015