A Scary Night

Ok: This story is really freaky so if you're not into that stuff then you probably SHOULD NOT read this. I mean SERIOUSLY! It's for sure creepy...!

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Horror at the Hendersons

Feb.13,2000: A couple protests as their home is being bull-dosed. They chain themselves to it. The government, feeling as if they were being controlled, pretend like they had no clue there was anyone on the inside & proceeded with their work. The couple dies at 4:03 pm.
June 21,2014: A small family of four moves into a new house built over the old one. The have to children: Billy & Kelly.
Sept. 8,2014: Kendra, the head policeman of the county's daughter, is asked to babysit for the Hendersons. Knowing their were rumors of the residence being haunted by previous owners, Kendra quickly accepted the $100.
Sept.10,2014: Kendra shows up at the Hendersons at 8:04 pm. She and the children have a night of fun & games. Kendra escorts the children upstairs & tells them a story.
10:43 pm: Kendra slowly trudges down the stairs, pooped from all of the fun activities that took place that night. She lays down on the couch & falls asleep.
11:43 pm: Kendra is awaken by a phone call. You wearily gets up & answers the call. At first, there was just a long silence, then an old, irritated yet entertained voice almost whispered "we're coming for you, we're coming for you, we're coming for you."  "Who is this?" Kendra demanded. There was a long silence, then the voice hung up.
12:43 am: The phone rings again. Kendra answers. "we're coming. we're on you're porch." Then the voice hung up. Kendra ran to the door and opened it. Nothing.
1:43 am: The phone rings once more. Kendra is beginning to get irritated. She answers, "Please! Leave me alone!" "We're coming, we're coming. I can see you. through the window." Kendra eyes darted over to the window she saw a quick movement out of the corner of her eye.
1:47 am: Kendra calls her dad. "This is Officer Darrell Green, how may I assist you?" "hey dad, it's Kendra. Can you do me a favor? Someone keeps calling the home phone here & it's getting kinda annoying.. can you maybe track the call?"  "No problem. I'll call you back & send someone to the person's residence to give them a talk. Love you." He hung up.
1:59 am: Kendra's cell phone rings. "Hey dad. Did you get 'em?"  "Kendra! You have to get out! Now!"  "Why? What's wrong?"  "The call. It was tracked to the Henderson Residence. He's in the house."   "Oh my god! Dad-"  The phone disconnected. Someone cut the line.
2:00 am: Kendra hears a door slam upstairs & Billy and Kelly start screaming. "BILLY!! KELLY!!" Kendra stumbled up the stairs & fumbled into their room. The window was wide open. Blood was splatted everywhere. "Kids!" Yelled Kendra. Out of no where, Kendra saw Kelly slowly crawl out of the corner. Her face was as white as the full moon outside & her arms and legs had been cut up to the elbow and knee. She was wobbling on what was left of her arms & legs. "Please! Save me! I want my Mommy! PLEEEAAAASSSEEE!" she shrieked. Kendra was sobbing & ran out of the room, down the stairs, & out of the house. "9-1-1! Send an ambulance to 2709 Raibow Rd.! Fast!" She hung up and kept sprinting to her house just down the street.
2:20 am: Kendra bursts through the door & into her kitchen. "Dad! Dad! Help me!"  Her parents ran in the hall & into the kitchen. "Kendra!"  "Dad! The children... murdered...-" Kendra fainted.
12:07 pm Sept.11- Kendra eyes flutter open as she wakes up in a hospital bed. She looks around. Her parents were at the end of the bed. "What happened," she asked. "Kendra, there was no sign of forced entry, no fingerprints, no evidence that anyone had been in the house. Except for you. Kendra, you're under arrest for the murder of Billy & Kelly Henderson." Her mother sobbed silently in her father's arms.
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And this is why the government is horribly corrupted.
on September 02, 2017
on July 16, 2015
O-oh my god... Woah... That was... AWESOME!!!!!
on February 15, 2015
on April 07, 2014