The Burning: An Eevee Love Story

The Burning: An Eevee Love Story

There once was a kingdom where Eeveelutions lived together in peace and harmony. The queen, a shiny Flareon named Megan, started a war against all other species if eeveelutions except flareons. This was because of a territorial destruction issues. Megan was banished and so were all the other flareons. So, the flareons started a tradition that every month that they would take 30 of the other species of eeveelutions and burn them to bits.

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Hello, my name is Claire. I'm a Leafeon who lives in the kingdom. Currently I'm just walking in a forest, relaxing. Suddenly my relaxation was interrupted. "Hey Claire," A voice exclaimed behind me. I jerked around and saw Rico the Vaporeon. He is one of my friends around the village. "Oh, hi," I mumble. "I was going to go to go see Princess Callie in her palace, do you want to come?" He said with a thundering smile on his face. "You afforded a meeting with Princess Callie?" I asked. Rico's smile turned into a moderate frown as soon as I said that. "Well, did you think I'd spend all our childhood saving?" He said as his face brightened a bit.

   Ah, childhood. It was a simpler time. It was a time where we didn't have to worry about The Burning. We were too young to be picked. Anyways, about the childhood money. When we were younger we grew crops to sell to townspeople. "Well," I started "Knowing you, yes, you would probably spend it all," I smirked. He glared for a second, then smiled. "Well, do you want to go or not?" He said stopping his joking. "Okay," I replied, stopping my laughter. We left off on a long walk to her palace. And now the story truly begins...
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