BTR+1D kidnapped me?!?!?!

BTR+1D kidnapped me?!?!?!

My name is Clarissa-Jadya-Fatelyinnia Heavens or Fate for short. I live with my abusive mom dad and brother. I'm 13 years old. I'm bullied at school and tortured every day of my life. I'm 4'7 with a major secret to hide. One night while I was walking to my suicide place. I was kidnapped by not one but two major boy bands. What will happen to me now? Will I fall in love or leave broken hearts behind ? Will my secrets be revealed?

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How it all started

How it all started

My torture has now ended for the day. My dad came home and raped me. My mom cut and burned me. My brother, Travis, raped me.
But there were only three words that made me do what I'm doing tonight. "Go die, Fate."
Those words didn't hurt me, but they broke me. Footsteps pulled me out of my thoughts. I turned around to find five boys walking toward me. I started running not looking back. The bridge came into view. I started running faster toward the bridge.
I looked back to find them closer to me than before. I reached the bridge and stepped onto the railing. I closed my eyes and spread out my arms.
Tears streaming down my face. I felt a pair of hands grab my ankle and pulled me back. My self defense classes were gonna go to use right now. I kicked him in the face and he let go of my ankle. I stood up on the bridge and someone grabbed my waist. I was just about to scream when a hand covered my mouth.
"Breathe in and this won't be hard," a voice mumbled into my ear.
I started to breathe in but I didn't give up fighting. I flipped the one holding me.
"Take that you bastard!" I said. I started feeling really dizzy and moved in a swaying motion. Someone picked me up bridal style before I hit the concrete. A black van pulled up and the door opened. The last thing I heard someone say was..
"Was she about to kill herself?"
I looked at the girl we just kidnapped. She was beautiful. Her head was on my lap. Her long silver hair was covering her pale skinned face.
"Logan, did you hear what I said?" Kendall asked waving a hand in front of my face.
"No umm sorry," I said.
"You were staring at her weren't you?" Kendall asked. My cheeks turned light pink as I nodded my head up and down. She started to stir in her sleep. Then tears started rolling down her cheeks.
I picked her up and sat her on my lap. It was like holding a small child. She started crying loud. Liam swerved a little.
"Is everything alright with her?" Liam asked referring to the girl.
"No, she won't stop crying," Kendall said for me. Suddenly, her eyes opened and she pulled back and stared at me. Her eyes were the most beautiful thing ever. They were silver with multicolored colors hidden inside. Her eyes looked at me then they changed from silver to a silvery ocean blue color. She looked around the van then hid her face in the crook of my neck. I could feel my blood rising to my cheeks.
I woke up to see that a brown haired brown eyed boy was holding me. We stared at each other for a while then my eyes I changed their color but I was working on my hair.
I looked around me and saw 8 other boys around me, smiling like creeps. I hid my face in the crook of the boy's neck.
"What's your name sweetie?," the boy next to me said.
"Clarissa Jadya-Fatelyinnia ," I said quietly with my head down.
"We're Big Time Rush and they're One direction," the boy holding me announced to me and of course, I knew who they were, but I didn't say anything. I just simply went to sleep.
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Comments (5)

This is a joke, right?
on July 04, 2016
Can you update this? I want to know what happens next.
on March 12, 2016
Please update
on February 15, 2016
Cool! But i'm not sure that you should tell your name to a band, even if it is those two
on October 12, 2014
Nice story!
on April 04, 2014