Citytalia Meet the Capitals

this is something me and my friend madewe ae the little sisters/brothers of the nations I'm vancouver and oslo

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 : meets the rest

This is the fanfic of the nations an capitals who won during the dungeon so let us begin.
Today IS the day for the meeting just great Berlin stated.(sigh)maybe it won't be so bad..
yahoo its meeting time wonder how berlin and vancouver are doing said tokyo.
agh another meeting just great I'm going to look for my bro.
london was already there...(after everyone was there)
well we haven't introduced our sisters yet have we so who will begin? England stated.
(vancouver is an emo type of person and is the youngest out of all capitals but not younger than sealand and when he was young she befriended russia YES RUSSIA but vancouver had to go and they never met again until this meeting vancouvers human name is
melody camelot but here friends sometimes call her dimentius. when she gets mad she can kill you in a flash and she is the strongest ou of all her hair colour is red and dip dye orange)was up....
ill go next england said this is my younger sister london (london is just like his brother but just 20% different she is the cousin of vancouver and they get along fast also she is in between england and sealant at age)hello chaps....
Kesesesese looks like its my turn this is my awesome sis berlin (berlin is always like his brother (germany) her hair is black dipped dyed blue and vancouver suddenly gets scared when berlin shouts at her)Hallo... hmm it looks like its my turn this is my little brother tokyo
(tokyo has befriended vancouver and berlin she is always trying to help and is also like her brother)hello.
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