ben's little glich

ben's little glich

You are my friend online and have never met me in real life until you come to stay with me and fall in love with Ben but run into some drama on the way~

published on March 30, 2014108 reads 41 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

my first kill

Your pov
"Hey slut"the school slut Allyson said to me now I just don't have deal with it and I just punched her and got suspended and when I got home my dad called me a slut I don't have to deal with it so I got a  knife and slit his stomach and ate his organs ran out and someperson came  and got me she has beautiful brown hair  Brown  eyes tan skin"how did you know where I lived ?"I  asked "just a hunch"she said"oh  Yea call me hidden."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~writing this at 9:47 were I'm at
sorry if Allyson is your name tell me and I'll change it
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Comments (3)

*reading chapter 1... for the third time...* O_o wo-wo-wo-wooo hold up, Who am I here again?
cauze reading this is freak'en messed UP (or down, which ever you choice...)
You were apparently VERY bored cauze this is like a puzzle, and every piece is from a other design of puzzle...
It's original, I'll give you that, but It's not readable enough to get 2 stars... See More▼
on April 23, 2015
well you did snap and that my friend gave you the disorder of eating organs of peeps that were mean to you but there will be kind of a sequel later
on March 30, 2014
Weird... I'm not sure I would kill or eat my dad's organs...But I would probably punch the girl....Weird....But I'd like to see more!
on March 30, 2014