A Christmas Lost

What will happen if there was no Christmas... Join in the story to find out!

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A Christmas Lost

One night, a very cold Christmas night in the freezing ice of the south pole,Santa's mum Julie lay asleep in a snow white bed. Standing next to her was Santa, in his bright red coat holding her hand tightly keeping it warm. Julie was very sick and santa was very worried.

The elves in santas enormus factory was trying to ring santa because it was time to deliver the presents. RING! RING! RING! RING! Ho Ho Ho Santas delivering presents Leave A Message! They rang again. RING RING, but there was no answer. The head elf Ragie knew what he had to do. He stood up in a meeting and said " WE WILL HAVE TO CANCEL CHRISTMAS!"Shocked faces appeared in the crowed of elves. Some sobbing and some were happy because they didnt have to do work.The elves (except the happy ones) sadly walked to there warm wooden homes. There they rested thinking there will be no christmas ever again.

Santa, with his family, heard some news from the doctor saying that Julie was very ill and she will have to stay in bed for at least 2 weeks. The doctor also stated that only one person was able to stay with her. The family made the decision that santa would stay with her. The days ticked by and no presents were delivered to the children of the world. Grace and Eva, two young sisters were wondering, wher is santa?

Santa came home delighted that his mother was ok, but for some reason the elves were all grumpy. He went to Fagie and asked him why every one was unhappy. Ragie then told him the date, " it is the 7/1/16." He then knew what the problem was and snt a letter to all the elves. Then he wrote an apology letter to all the childrenwho wre good:
                                                                       Dear Grace and Eva,
                       I am very sorry that i didnt send any presents to you.vI will reschedule Christmas to the 25th of January,
                                                       so keep your trees up and get ready for your presents.
                                                                       Have a happy 2016!   
                                                 From Santa
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