jeff the killer x neko jade

jeff the killer x neko jade is about me and jeff falling in love but not that quick wher im a neko hiding my secret from the bullies whom been bullying me

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strange girl

i was walking home from school when jayce and her gang surrounded me " what do you want jayce" i said upset "you look stupid " she said back then she pushed me to the ground and yelled "I KNOW THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU" she said then i got up pushed her and ran but when they chased me i heared screams i didnt really care what happend to them but i just kept running i lost my breath i was really far away i looked up the clouds wher getting darker i knew it was going to rain so i ran the 3 miles away i found a white bloodie hoodie being part cat i didnt like water so i sliped it on it was bigger than me but i didnt care then it started to pour "shit "i said i ran and ran until i came up to  an abandoned  asylum i walked in took off the hoodie i folded it up and wrote a note if anyone was looking for it i was going to walk around but i was to tired to walk so i  slid down on the wall and fell asleep
jeff's pov
i was pissed of smile took my hoodie and ran off somewhere with it when i was walking i saw a girl a very cute one though she had long black silky hair tan skin she was wearing a short black skirt along with a matching shirt next to her i saw my hoodie with a note it read " hi im jade i found your hoodie if jeffthe killer kills me good no one cares about me any way well bye" "hm... she too cute to leave so i picked her up and went home.
jades (me) pov
i woke up and loked around to see people eating then my vision can "j-jeff the k-k-killer" i said
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