Beauty's destiny

Beauty's destiny

Hexellent! Your here I'm beauty hearts the princess of the heart kingdom! My friends say I'm a party queen but who can say no to a party I throw?

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Chapter 1.
Welcome to the purple thorn academy!

Welcome to the purple thorn academy!

"Ahh! A new year a new crown!" I said walking through the halls of purple thorn academy "You said it bea!" Venus said! Venus is the
princess of the kingdom boldachia the plant kingdom! "What do you think what's gonna happen?" I asked "I don't know bea... remember rebels attend purple thorn too.. And you know what there like!" She said "oh come on you don't believe that stuff about rebels I mean you look at it rebels make our destiny so come true I mean Phoenix is the one who has to give me a..." I said "Give you a Crystal glass which is filled with magic water that will turn you into a powerful whisp and you will rule your kingdom and spread love.. I know!" She said "Exactly!" I said "But my destiny is to become fairy princess and control plants but to do that I have to swallow a Rose!"she said "I know!" I said "Oh come on we have to get to our dorms!" I said and we rushed in! I was rooming with kitty demeow and she was a rebel eeee "Hi kitty!" I said "hi princess beauty!" She said angrily "Why are so angry?" I asked "Ugh your so happy happy princess and bunnies! Well you got the easy life I don't!" She yelled than she walked out and slammed the door "whaaa?" I said after that i went to the glass slipper to help ashylyn ella.
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on March 24, 2014