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The Daily Prophet!

Hi! Welcome to the Daily Prophet! Here you can read about entries for the Tri-Wizard tournament, upcoming news, what's happening around Hogwarts and more!

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Chapter 1.

Tri-wizard Tournament Entry 1!

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Black! Call me Eliza or else! So, today, I got the chance to meet with Ms. Granger, one of the Tri-wizard contestants! There is One more spot for the Tri-wizard tournament for this year! Here's the interview!
Me: Hi! Miss... Grace: Granger. Me: Miss Granger! So, what's your first name? Grace: Um, Grace. Me: Cool! Next question, What house are you in and what Year? Grace: Isn't it obvious? Ravenclaw of course and I'm a Fourth-year! Me: Describe for our readers what you look like.
Grace: Wait, what? Me: Your story is going to be in the Daily Prophet! Grace: Oh, okay! I have long dirty blonde hair, Pale skin, freckles, and what else? Oh yeah! I'm very tall! Me: Are you sure you're not part Giant? Grace: What? I'm not part giant! I'-- Me: Moving on! What's your blood status? Grace: Muggle-born, shouldn't everyone know that by now? I mea--- Me: What are two of your most lucky numbers? Grace: Um... Do we have to do this question? Me: Come on, answer the question! Grace: I guess 22, because they're doub-- Me: I don't really care about the back story of the number 22. I mean there's a Two, and a Two! Put them together and what do you get? Grace: Four. Me: What? Grace: You get four, because Two plus Two equals Four. Me: Let's finish this up shall we? Final question. What's your Motto? Grace: What? My motto? Me: Yes Grace! The thing that keeps you going! Grace: Um, I guess it's this: "To have fun you almost always take some risks." Me: Nice Motto! Grace: So, are we done here or what? Me: Almost. Give me your wand.
-End Interview- Grace Gave me her wand and I measured it, 13 1/4 inches, I then asked Mr. Garrick Ollivander to tell me what was in the wand, he said "Sycamore, Unicorn Hair, Unyielding." I thanked him and gave Grace back her wand, "I remember that wand, Grace was a happy little girl when she got that wand." Mr. Ollivander remembers. So anyhow, Good luck to Grace for the Tri-Wizard tournament, and remember! You have One opportunity to join the Tri-Wizard tournament before someone else does! I'm Eliza Black! Giving you your Daily Prophet.
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