Theodore's first job

Theodore's first job

Theodore gets his first job! Please don't judge this is my first time doing this!

published on March 09, 201420 reads 8 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.
First job

First job

"SIMON!" yelled Theodore running into to the kitchen where Simon was. Theodore was breathing heavy like he ran a marathon. Simon looked over at Theodore.
    "What?" Asked Simon.
      "Remember when I wanted to get that necklace for Eleanor but Dave said I need to get a job to get money?" Theo asked.
       "yes" Simon sighed and got comfortable to hear Theodore's story.
       "Well, I got a job!" Theodore smiled. Simon's eyes widened.
      "really?" Simon was surprised Theo got a job before him.
       "Yeah, I got a job at the bakery down town" Theodore replied.
      "Should I tell Dave?" asked Theodore.
       "Yes, He should know or he might get crabby." Replied Alvin walking into the kitchen spinning a soccer ball on his finger.
       "Okay!" said Theodore as he ran into the living room.
         "DAVE!" he yelled.
       "Yes, Theodore?"
       "I got a job at the baker down town" Replied Theodore. Dave smiled and hugged Theodore.
     "Good job" Said dave
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you are a good writer and if you want me to help you with any writing text me and i willlllll
on March 11, 2014
on March 09, 2014