whats keeping us apart

whats keeping us apart

Theres this boy and well he's everything any girl could want in a guy but in all honesty I'm scared of relationships.

published on March 08, 201424 reads 16 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.


He's perfect. I wake up to good morning text. Im reminded daily how beautiful and perfect he thinks i am. I can hate the world and he can make me smile within minutes. He respect me and my decisions and isnt trying to rush into any things. He brags about me to everyone. He supports me and my ideas even if he doesn't agree with them.He always puts me first.  I can trust him with my life and i tell him everything but I cant seem to tell him why im so scared of a relationship...
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Comments (2)

Its not really a story... its more like blog. This actually happened...
on March 12, 2014
needs more 2 it....not as impressed as other love stories
on March 10, 2014