Ashlynn and the yule ball

Ashlynn and the yule ball

ok so its in like a harry potter world and I created the like life of her and she pretty much takes Hermione's life but looks different.

published on March 08, 201412 reads 6 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
getting ready

getting ready

ashlynn's P.O.V.
I forced my shiny black hair into a bun with a thick braid across it. I brush and rub makeup onto my light brown skin and sigh... I am the last one in my dormitory. Hermione, a girl that I slightly know, left ages ago, Paravati   left about 10 minutes ago, lavender about just left, Ginny was gone for maybe 5 minutes by now. that left me I was in my dress with my shoes painted nails now hair and makeup. they all looked splendid but they did it quickly it took me ages! I start down the stairs I at least want to make it in time to meet up with my friends Ron and Harry...
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