The Special

The Special

The Special is a book about The LEGO Movie as a online book. Read if you can.

published on March 01, 201436 reads 16 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Good Morning City!

Hi, My name is Emmet, i'm just gonna come right out I have no idea whats going on, at all. Yesterday I woke in the apartment and got out my instruction book. "Step One, Breath." I got that on ok. The next one was excersize, "Jumping Jacks Hit Them, 1...2...3... I feel so pumped up!" I opened the windows and said good morning to the city. I then had a shower, combed my hair and brushed my teeth. I then got in the car and put on the radio. "Everything Is Awesome!" I dropped off my drying before noon, said hello to the cat lady and finnaly drank over priced coffee.
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This is good add more
on August 21, 2014