Who is Becky's Lover

Who is Becky's Lover

This is about a girl named Becky and her new Boyfriend Jack who flirts with other girls and more and her friend Billie starts to fall in love with Becky ( Becky is in the photo )

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Chapter 1.
Becky's New Boyfriend

Becky's New Boyfriend

Becky is at her locker her and Jack are flirting with each other Then a girl named Marissa says " Hey i see your flirting with Jack but I have to warn you he is bad news " Becky says " What why he is so hawt " Marissa says " I know and i use to date him " Becky says " you dated him " Marissa says " Yeah but i wish we never did date " Becky says " Well he seems really nice i mean we flirt alot with each other and talk sometimes he seems nice " Marissa says " That is until you date him " Jack comes over and says " Hey Becky Marissa here let me carry your bag " Becky says " Thanks really thanks " Marissa says " Yeah um Jack go away for a second " Becky says " I will see you in History bye Jack " Jack hands her bag back and says " Bye " Becky says to Marissa " Bad News huh yeah right i got to go bye talk to you later " Marissa says " Im telling you he is bad news bye " Becky goes in to History class she sits 3 seats away from Jack one of her other friends named Clarice says " Hey girl i saw you and Jack flirting again when will you go out with him " Becky says " I don't know Marissa says not to " Clarice says " Well its your life not hers so you should go out with him if you want to " Becky says " You think so " Clarice says " I know so you should date him " Everyone goes back to their seat class begins Clarice see's Jack staring at Becky Clarice text's to Becky's phone saying " HAWTE STARING @ U " Becky text back saying " I will ask him in the hallway kk g2g before i get caught by the teacher byee " class is over Jack goes up to Becky and says " Hey so was sup " Becky says " Nothing so there is this party at this club and i was kinda wandering if you would like to consider going with me " Jack kisses her for a long time they start to make out  . ( Marissa is in the picture )
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