Night Shade, my dog

Night Shade, my dog

So this is a story that I made. I hope you guys enjoy!! This story is made by: Dj.Dash (CrystalWings)

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I have a cat named Beauty and a dog named Night Shade. The reasons they're called like that is because Beauty is gorgeous and Night Shade has black fur. I had them since the age of 7 when they both were still kitties and puppies. Now I am 10 and had loved them ever since. I would never abandon or abuse these animals, and when I say never, I mean NEVER.

Things were going very well lately, Night Shade finally can catch up with my dad (who's very athletic) with running, Beauty found the special ball of strings that is ultra hard for her to find, and me and my family, well, having a time of luck!

A few months passed and I was turning 11. Beauty was having a kitten! Yes, a kitten! No , not a kitten, kittens!! She had got 2 newly born kittens. One was blackish-greyish and one was white with abit of orange. That's because Beauty had white,black and orange on her fur. I was so distracted with the cats that one day when I woke up, I found Night Shade, well didn't ''FOUND'' but, he wasn't in the garden. Everyday he would come outside ready for me to pet him.
I just realised, I never came out and played with him once the new baby kittens came out. I shouted ''Night Shade!! Doggy doggy! Come out here, Roxy needs a hug!'' (Roxy's my name)
Things remained silent. I gaved up and watched the news.
Reporter, '' West America, we had found a black labrador, shot in the country side.''
I thought to myself... A black labrador? Night Shade . West America? Night Shade. Country side? The man who shots bird.. Probably might of shot.. Night Shade. It was definitely Night Shade who was shot! I live in West America, Night Shade loves the country side, and he's a definite black labrador. I looked up and saw a picture of a black dog on the TV,  ''NIGHT SHADE!'' I cried.
''Sweetie , you found Night Sha-  ahh!!" Mom let out a scream when she saw what had happened in the news. I ran upstairs and tears just kept dripping and dripping more everytime I thought of Night Shade. I promised I would never abandon, which I didn't? I love ''all'' my animals? No, I don't think so. I forgot about Night Shade, I left him alone for the days I- ! ''I can't continue.'' I whispered to myself, ''I just can't...''
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