These are rhymes that I made with the help of CrystalWings. I hope you guys enjoy this!!

published on February 20, 201414 reads 8 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

1 Our World

The sun shines bright
As I open my eyes
Things I see is a wonderful sight
Grass and the skies

People with happy smiles
I walking along the path
From metres to miles

Cities to nature
A big change it is
From a car to a creature
A roaring truck to a snake that hiss.

The calm sea,
A wet place it can be,
The dry land,
Many things that are made by hand

Our world has alot of differences
Food to drink,land to sea
From short to long distances
This world has a special key
A key that is hidden
Inside of me
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Comments (1)

Yush! More chapters would be made!!!
on February 20, 2014