Mindless about yhu (A Mindles Behavior love story..)

Mindless about yhu (A Mindles Behavior love story..)

Rhe is Princeton's little sister. She doesn't know that he is part of Mindless Behavior. She didn't even know about Mindless Behavior. Until she found out that her old friend from Elementrary, Ray-Ray, was in the band..

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Chapter 1.

Why Am I just finding this out.?

*Rhe &&'d Prince were laying on the couch just as the door bell rang..*

Rhe: It's ohkaay Princeton, You'll get it.

Prince: (Gets up &&'d looks at Rhe angrily..) Alright Mizz Lazy.

Rhe: Who me.?

Prince: Nawh.. (sarcasticly)

Rhe: Just answer the dang door big bro..

*Prince opens the door &&'d is surprised to see Ray-Ray, Prodigy, &&'d Roc Royal. Rhe's surprised too.*

*Rhe's Pov.*

*When Prince opened the door I was in shock. I havn't seen Ray in like forever. I was kind of scared that Ray didn't remember me, but I guess I didn't have to worry about that because as soon as I glanced over at him, he smiled &&'d said "Hi Rhe." I smiled back &&'d said hi.*

Prince: Yo wats goin on guuys.?

Prod: Nuthin much What about yhurself.?

Prince: Well..,

Rhe: Uggh.. Prince, I'm going upstairs call me when Tai'kimber, Jasmine, &&;d Taylor come over.

Prince: Watever sis,..

*Rhe's Pov.*

*I had to stop that little boring conversation cuuz I ain't have time for that. I decided to go upstairs &&'d wait for my friends to come. When I left the living room I noticed Ray-Ray was staring at me, but I didn't mind. He always did have a crush on me . About Fifthteen minutes later Prince called me downstairs cuuz They were here. I came downstairs &&'d told them to wait while I go get something to drink. By the time I came back the girls already had made theirselves at home. I laughed a little &&'d then told them to come on. When I sat down Everyone was staring at me like I was really stupid.*

Rhe: What!?!

Taylor: Yhu kno what..

Rhe: Actually I don't.

Tai'kimber: Soo Mindless Behavior is sitting in yhur house., &&'d yhur acting like it's no big deal.?

Rhe: Mindless Who.?

Tai'kimber: Hold up, Yhur saying yhu don't kno who Mindless Behavior is , buut yhur Brother's in the group.?

Rhe: Yeah.

Tai'kimber: Gurl yhu are stupid.

Rhe: Hhey.!

Tai'kimber: Nawh just kidding.. buut yhur brother is like the khutest one in the group.

Rhe: I wouldn't be soo sure cuuz I'm pretty sure the khutest one has to be Ray..

Jasmine: Watever guuys cuuz the khutest one is deffinetly Prod..

Taylor: Say watever yhu want cuuz ain't noone got Roc beat.

Rhe: This Is why I love yhu guuys. : )

E/B: (Laughs..)
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