Puppy eyes: part 2

Puppy eyes: part 2

see what happens to this young pup after he was slung in the river p.s if you haven't read part 1 read it first!!!

published on February 18, 201418 reads 6 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

the finding

As i sunk closer and closer to the bottom of the river i realised i was going to die i didn't exactly try and fight it but i defiantly didn't accept it as soon as my lungs couldn't hold anymore i kicked my legs and the tape must have come off i gathered all my strength and pushed myself to the top but i couldn't quite reach the surface, i had almost given up hope when a small hand grabbed his neck and pulled him up onto the bank she looked about four " mummy mummy!! " she shouted a woman in her early thirties or late twenties  appeared and kneeled down beside me she stroked back the fur from my face and looked into my eyes " whats wrong with it mummy" the little girl asked i was an it now? i thought to myself, after a few minutes she put me in the back  of her car and after that it all went black
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