The Box Of Fear | Episode ~ 3

The Box Of Fear | Episode ~ 3

In a small town, west of Kansas a group of 5 best friends live happily. That is, until one mysterious night when the demon of man emerges. The demon of life..the demon of death...the demon of Fear. (Thanks to seippup12 for helping me to come up with the ideas! Check out her stuff right away!!)

published on June 08, 201421 reads 11 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
☠ ~ Getting Away ~ ☠

☠ ~ Getting Away ~ ☠

A rush of anxiety, panic, anger, frustration and utter sadness. So many emotions spinning around her head, footsteps around her like small exploding bombs. Twirling twirling, around the darkness, unable to see anything.
The buzz on the TV still remained, the letters began to fade. Emma cried out for help. Nobody heard her. Or ever would.
"DIAMOND!" She screamed, falling to her knees. Her voice croaked, her head hurt, and all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and disappear.
No, she had to escape. She didn't want to end up like Diamond. Limp and lifeless, laying face down, suffocated by cloth.
Then, she hoisted herself up using the table and ran like the wind.
Diving in and away from objects in the dark, she heard whispering, willing her to stay in the home. "No!" She screamed, her face hurting from the volume she screamed at.
She carried on running as fast as she could to the front door, and when she reached the hallway, she swore she heard breathing on the back of her neck.
Tears began trickling from her eyes as her throat throbbed.
When she thought the nightmare was over...but she was indeed very wrong.
Outside the locked door, the headlights of a car drove past, shining light upon the pale wall, revealing the letters...written in blood..
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omg AMAZING!!!!!!!!! MUST CONTINUE!!!!!!! Diamond ----> was <------ my favorite, she has a sad death
on June 09, 2014