Rise of the Muggle-Borns!

Rise of the Muggle-Borns!

When all seems to be going crazy at Hogwarts, Muggle-Borns and Blood traitors being sent to Azkaban prison, they need to rely on someone. But who? Her name is Roxanne (Roxy) Willows.

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Chapter 1.

A girl who didn't believe

Chapter 1: A girl who didn't believe
Roxanne (Roxy)'s POV
I was a girl who never believed magic was real, I never believed in what happened while I was asleep, my parents told me a guardian angel always comes to watch me. I'm not an Atheist, I just grew out of that stuff when I was older, I sighed and called Grace Granger. My best friend,
“Hello?” Grace asked,
“Hey Grace can we talk about something?” I ask,
“Make it quick Roxy!” Grace said quickly,
“Do you feel like nothing sometimes or that you just wanna run away and hide most of the times?” I ask,
“Um, Roxy, meet me at the café after you check the mail.” Grace says,
“Okay.” I say, we hang up, I go to check the mail, Random stuff for my other Nine siblings, and a small letter addressed to me 'Roxanne Willows'. I know mom (Mum) and dad won't be home until at least Midnight so I should have enough time. I run out of the door to meet Grace at the Café!
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