Finding Love (1)

Finding Love (1)

a girl named Melinda and a boy named John fall in love enjoy my story guys !!

published on February 13, 201418 reads 10 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Melinda and John are just friends Melinda runs up to him and says " Look the dance I cant wait " John says " I know Melinda I was wandering if you would ...... " Then a boy named Quinton says " Hey Melinda i was wandering if you want to go to the dance with me " Melinda says " Yes I would love to go with you " Quinton says " Great then see ya at the dance " He walks away Melinda says " John what were you going to ask " John says " never mind forget i said anything but why would Quinton want to go out with you now he has been mean to you all this time  why now " Melinda says " I cant wait until the dance i have to go shopping bye John " John says " Bye " then John starts walking down the hallway he sees Quinton and a bunch of cheer leading girls Quinton says " I cant wait until the chocolate falls all over Melinda " Then another cheerleader, Jade says " Listen up everyone vote for Melinda to be the queen of homecoming so we can pour chocolate all over her " Quinton says " I like your thinking babe " Then he kisses her Jade says " Oh I know you do me and the girls have to go practice and tell the football team you and them have to vote for Melinda ok " Quinton says " Of course madam " Jade says while cheer leading " Slide and Slide and do the butterfly and dip and dip and shake your little hips I Want you and you to do it with me to WHOO " She kicked up high and added " Great job girls remember the plan " John says " Oh no Melinda I have to warn her " John finds Melinda at the clothing store with the best dresses in town Melinda says " Hey John do you think this dress or that dress " John says " Neither listen to me the football team and the cheer leading team are voting for you as home coming queen and they are going to pour chocolate on you you cant go ' Melinda says " I will and im going to i don't believe you and i cant wait to be home coming queen and im wearing this dress excuse m John goodbye "
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