Emo baby

Emo baby

You read the description! It's about an emo baby! It's a creepy pasta, it's short and I hope you like it!!

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Emo baby

There was a couple who lived in Florida. Amy and Jason, just got married last year and their little baby girl Alyssa is 6 months old. Amy one day finds that Alyssa is sick and needs to go to the doctor. Alyssa had scratches and bruises all over herself and the mother did not know what happened.
"It's possible that the baby did this to herself." The doctor says.
"That is not true! My baby girl did not hurt herself!"
"Well, is life hard for her? This could be the reason she's doing this."
The doctor gave Alyssa a few treatments and bandages, and the mother let the matter go. She did not believe that her baby girl was doing any harm towards herself.
It was now the next night.
Alyssa wailed for attention but Amy and Jason were both so tired, they didn't bother getting up. Alyssa was fine. She had just gotten her diaper changed and had been fed not so long ago. At least that's what Amy thought.
Alyssa wailed even more, more, and more.
Finally the wailing stopped.
It was the next morning, and Amy got up to feed the baby. She went over, just to find that Alyssa was bloody and all scratched up. Amy screamed, and quickly got Jason. Jason screamed, and picked up the baby. Alyssa was dead. Amy, the night before set up a camera to record what Alyssa was doing all night, to see if perhaps the doctor was right. So Amy and Jason watched the video. Alyssa, all night long, didn't get attention so she scratched herself and pinched herself.
The night after the funeral.
It was the night after the funeral. Any and Jason were crushed and sobbing. Amy heard a strange sound, so she got up. She walked slowly toward where the sound was coming from. It was coming from the bathroom, so she walked toward the bathroom. It got colder as she walked, and she was now outside the bathroom door. This was strange:they'd left off the light, but it was on in the bathroom. They'd left open the door, but the door was closed. She heard the sound of a razor...she slowly opened the door. Maybe jason left the light on and shut the door after gong to the bathroom? And maybe he'd left the razor on.
She opened the door, all the way only to find that the bloody ghost of her baby was right in front of her eyes. The baby had eye liner and mascara on, yet no eyes in the sockets. Just blood. The baby smirked, and took a knife that was in there with her, and stabbed Amy in the chest. Amy screamed, and Jason saw Amy dead on the floor. He screamed, and saw a note on the bathroom mirror. "You are next" -Alyssa


Sorry...were you planning on going to sleep tonight?
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Comments (2)

Its really good I like it
on June 20, 2015
It did not take long to read I'm a fast reader
on June 20, 2015