Heart Of Wishes

This is about me going to Hogwarts its actually a dream I had like a year ago so yeah

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Chapter 1.

The Hogwarts Express

My father was a wizard and my mother was human,she found it ridiculous that I was leaving to go to Hogwarts instead of my persuading my acting career.I got my first wand when I was 7 years of age but I was never aloud to use it in the muggle land.I was always different but to normal children who seen different children it was none as strange but all the children adored that I could open doors just by looking at them or that I could read minds or the fact I had a pet owl who in which I spoke to.On my 11th birthday I had to leave for Hogwarts,my father owned a herb shop in Diagon alley so he took me to buy my books and my uniform.I was petrified I had to get a new wand and test it to see how it worked.We went to Ollivanders and he looked at me and new who I was straight away,it turned out my great grandfather had been thee Harry Potter one of the greatest wizards of our time.I was given a unicorn hair and oak wand and it worked perfectly,I was starting to feel powerful.I got to the train station and by then I was truly terrified,I watched older,more experienced pupils run through the wall onto platform 9 and3/4,My father told me it was easy and that he would come with me to see me off.I boarded the train and there were no empty carriages so I went into one with a young girl the same age as me her name was Lucy Malfoy.She told me about her family and how her Great Grandfather new Harry Potter.I told her I was Harry Potters great grand daughter, she didn't believe me but I told her my full name Lily Ginevra Potter,She knew then I wasn't lying.
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