The Run Down Life

The Run Down Life

This about an old women that survived through the holocaust even though she lost everything she ever had... I made this up but I had information on the camps

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Chapter 1.

My Day Of Age

Hello I am Margaret-Anne Horphan and I am one of only 20 000 people who survived the Holocaust I was born in 1927 and I was 8 when my family and I got effected by the Holocaust.The day we were told we had to go to the camps was the week after the synagogues got burned down,the Nazis took our freedom,burned our books,our place of prayer and our lives.The day we were leaving Grandmother took charge as she always did,I was the second youngest,I had a little brother Charlie who got sent away in Kinder Transport,I remember that day so vividly,so clear, like it was yesterday.I remember at least two thousand of us being crushed onto a steam train one that should of been used for cargo and coal,we were treated like dirt.We where on that train for days maybe even weeks,I just had to stay strong and have hope.
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