Abnormal Theif

All Max wanted was to steal the poor kid's wallet. The last thing she expected was it to end in a kiss. (We Are Abnormal Human AU)

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How do you even know-

It was December, the time of family and gifts. People hustled down the streets, their arms filled with packages and parcels. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Well, almost everyone. A man, with hair as white as the snow that fell from the sky and eyes to match, was in no hurry. He wanted to be sure that he wouldn't be harmed by incoming cars and light poles. He stopped, leaning on his staff.
He took a deep breath, feeling the cold air burn his lungs, and exhaled. His pale skin was flushed from the temperature. He was trying to get home. He was hopefully going the right way. And if he wasn't, his roommate would pick him up after a while. He pulled out his wallet, feeling for a very important paper. He needed to make sure it was still there.

A female, taller than most, rushed through the crowd. She wanted out of the huge mess of people as soon as possible. Well, as soon as she was able to snatch some loot off these unsuspecting folks. Her nearly silver hair fell neatly onto her shoulders as she dodged the people around her. She wanted to find something easy tonight. Clumsy people who drop their wallets are always easy ways to find food for the night. Her blue-green eyes sweeped over the crowd, spotting a young looking man. He had beautiful white hair and fair, white skin. Freckles dotted his rosey cheeks. The silver haired woman was drawn to him, whether it be from his looks or his calming aura, she didn't know. She stalked towards him, she decided on him. He didn't seem to be paying attention to his surroundings.

"Excuse me, sir, do you mind if I walk with you?" A smooth, silky voice sounded out. And even though he couldn't see, the white haired man's head shot up. "Not at all." He replied, "my name is Sibuna, by the way." he said, not at all startled by the girl. Sibuna smiled kindly, tapping his staff infront of him as he walked. "What an odd name.. I'm sorry, that was rude. My name is Max." the girl replied, adding a faux sound of apology.

Max decided to continue talking to this man, trying to make it less suspicious. She now knew Sibuna was blind, she couldn't believe she didn't notice it before. It was so obvious.

The two walked together, chatting about random topics. Sibuna stopped, saying something about not going the right way and turned around. Max rolled her eyes. She was trying to lead him closer to her hideout. "Hey, Sibby." Max called out. Now was as good a chance as any. "Yes, Max?" Sibuna replied, knowing and wisdom laced in his voice. Odd. Only older folks that Max had met had that tone. She knew for a fact that Sibuna was a few years younger than him.

Max stepped closer, reaching for the blind man's pocket. As her fingers slipped into the opening, Sibuna's cold digits wrapped around her thin wrist.

She wasn't going to get so close and flake off from a short, blind man's wallet. Her fingers could dance along with leather surface. So, Max did the most rational thing someone could do in a situation like this. She kissed him. She quickly pushed her lips against his soft, cold ones. The scent of wine and sea waters drifted from him. Max's cheeks heated up. Sibuna's grip loosened in surprise.

Max quickly pulled out the leather object, pulled her lips from Sibuna and sprinted away. The blind man wouldn't be able to follow her. Heck, he can't even see where he's going.

It wasn't long before Max returned to her hideout, which was an old, abandoned house. It was a little drafty and gets kinda cold in the winter, but it was home. The silver haired girl pulled the wallet open and hOLY CRAP THIS GUY WAS LOADED. and there was a note. In an unorganized, yet neat, swirly hand writing it read "Max, meet me at the park on the south side of town tomorrow at noon. Also, you can keep the money. From, Sibuna." Max's heart raced. She hadn't left any time for him to write a note after she met him. They were constantly walking, he didn't pull out his wallet once.

So how did he know she would steal his wallet? How did he know her name before she told him?

Max sighed, "I'll ask him tomorrow." she concluded.
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