R.I.P flash sentry

hello welcome to bronys/pegisisters hate flash sentry get ready for better storys what you want me to write and most importantly flash sentry DEAD thats right now get ready. warning contains death and fights veiwer descreshion advised.

published on March 04, 20154 reads 4 readers 1 not completed

chapter one the sad ending.

-twilight- GIRLS GIRLS -apple jack- what is it suger cube? i meet the newest gaurd flash sentry my dream coltfriend even husband -rainbow dash- wow i dont know what to say you have a crush giggles he probobly thinks your a egg head -mane 4- laughs -fluttershy- oh come on you think just because she reads her books does not mean she cant have a colt -apple jack- shes right why did i laugh flash sentry comes in oh hey twilight my prinnsess -pinkie pie- SHUT UP opps drank to much cider sorry a new pony comes in -??? colt- hi im T.J. and you the purple one who are you -twilight- oh im... im twilight so your celestia's student well used to be but now a prinnsess -twilight- yep -apple jack- aw twilight dont be shy like big mac and fluttershy hehe -fluttershy- i acctuly...i have a crush on him screams AHHHHH -twilight- its ok fluttershy -fluttershy- well now that you put it that way YES -twilight- well tj hi i have to go a portal is wating for me bye tj fowllows twilight does not notice -twilight- ugh spike are you... a dog -spike- i
think so but what are you NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -tj- so flash sentry i have something i need to show you -brings out knife- -stabs in hand- -flash sentry- wow that did not hurt at all well im going to be stupid and kill my self -shoots in head- -tj- score one killing the human she wont notice me or him twilight sees me next to flash uh oh -runs- -twilight- flash are you flash oh no thats flash but hes DEAD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

well thats the first chapter called the sad endinghoped you liked it more mystry in the next chapter
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on March 24, 2015