The Biding Of Our Time

The Biding Of Our Time

A wolf. A human. Soul-Mates, from different sides of the world. What will happen when they meet? (Cover art is NOT mine!)

published on February 05, 201410 reads 8 readers 0 not completed

The Chase

My ears perked up to the quiet sound of feet padding across the snow. I stuck out my nose, and took a deep sniff.
Most of the time, I wouldn't even care, mice barely had any nutrients. But it was harsh winter this year. My coat used to be sleek and thick, but now it was falling out in places. My ribs showed. I was starving.
I quietly padded after the mouse, my footsteps luckily silenced by the heavy snowfall. The mouse took a right, into some bushes.
Perfect. I leaped into the bush and caught the little rodent in my paws. I lowered my mouth, and was about to take a bite when I heard it crying about it's family and how they woul die without him to get them food.
I felt pity for the small, innocent creature, and lifted my paws.
At first, it just sat there, but then, as it noticed that it was free, it began to back away, thanking me in the process, until it dissapeared into the bramble.
I regretted it once I heard my stomach grumbling. I moaned and lay down on the ground. I put my muzzle on my paws and fell asleep.
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