Survivor. (Daryl Dixon love story)

Survivor. (Daryl Dixon love story)

It was the zombie apocalypse. Kelly, a 25 year old girl is a survivor. When she ends up meeting a group on a bus, she meets a guy named Daryl. Will they end up falling in love? OR not? What if one of them ends up dying? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1.

Finding Shelter.

I was killing of some walkers when I started to wonder about my family. When this mess started they were in New York and I am in Pittsburgh. They could be dead or alive. Hopefully alive. I sat on the curb and started thinking. Why? Why did this happen? Why am I not with my family? Why? I miss them so much. Maybe I will find them. Hmmm....

   After thinking for a little bit I got up from the curb and started walking. I rounded a corner and there was about 20-30 walkers there. Oh no. Some of them spotted me and came after me. I started running and didn't look back, until I heard shouting and gun shots behind me. I looked back and saw a bus and people shooting at the Walkers. Maybe this is my chance to be in a group. My first actual group. I've got kicked out of all the other ones I was in, because I killed my father before this even happened. I had a good reason to kill him. He abused me mentally, physically, and sexually. He only did this to me and my brother, Johnathan. When my mom wasn't home he would always come into mine and Johnathan's room and hurt us. I had a bad past. One day I just got fed up with it and killed him.

  When they were done fighting the Walkers, this girl with short brown hair came over to me. "Hey, are you okay?" She asked me in a nice voice. "Yeah, I'm fine." I told her and she helped me up. She took me to the bus and sat me down in one of the seats. There were people looking at me. I hate when people stare at me, it makes me uncomfortable. "What's your name?" A girl with long blonde hair asked. "Kelly." I said. I couldn't help but look at this guy. He was hot. He stared at me and I stared back. That went on for a couple of minutes before someone broke the silence. "Well I'm Maggie, this is Glenn, Beth, and Daryl (I don't remember who was all on the bus)" Maggie said. "We lost half of our people, we got in a fight with an enemy of ours and he messed our prison we were living at up. He killed our dad. We have no clue where everyone else is at." Beth explained to me. "Wow, I'm so sorry" Was all I could say. I truly felt bad for them I just didn't know what to say. I had nothing. "So what's your story?" Daryl asked. His voice was low and deep. "Well, you might kick me off the bus when I tell you this but here is goes. Before this whole thing started my dad was abusive to me and my brother Johnathan. We would abuse us mentally, physically, and sexually. He only did this when my mom was working. One day I got fed up and killed him. My mom and brother were up in New York when this apocalypse started. I have no clue where they are now." By the end of my story I started to cry. Maggie came over to me and hugged me. "We won't kick you off. At least you had a reason to kill him. I'm sure we will find your family along the way." she told me hugging me tightly. "Thank you." I sniffle. "Anyway, how old are you?" Glenn asked. "I'm 25." I  tell him.
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