I'm not sure how long this story really will go on, but depending on how much you like it will deside the length. Sorry I suck at summaries, but the story is much better. Just try the 1st chapter.

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Chapter 1.
The Terror is Among Us

The Terror is Among Us

The terror is among us,
                                                 and it is fear that sets me back.

                                             The sky streaks scarlett before night
                                                  as a sign of the evil within it.

                                                      They don't want to take the world,
                                                      they only want to leave it colder.

                                                      But, oneday I'll leave this broken shell,
                                            I'lll leave this frightened exterior I've masked myself in,
                                                     and I'll be the sun to melt the ice.

Cally's hand came up to tuck a stray strand of black hair, gently behind her ear, as she gazed into the bathroom mirror at herself.
The mess everyone knew her to be. They were never fooled by the neat apparel she dressed into, nor the ponytail that hung tightly above her head.
  Her eyes told truths to the lies that she hid behind. Nothing could be kept from anyone because reality was never far from the surface.
They all saw, sooner or later.
Not that she cared, she just couldn't bring herself to anymore.
It was an impossibility, she wasn't willing to try.
She was an empty soul, living inside a dead shell. There was no hope for her, and she knew it.

"Cally!" She heard her mother call, she followed the sound of the her voice, but not calling back.
She didn't talk much anymore.
The table was set and ready for dinner, as Cally stepped over to the table, and taking her seat.
She glanced up at her mother behind her long bangs, and saw the distaste that shown vividly amongst her gaze. Along this change, she'd thought that atleast her mother would be different, that maybe she would understand.
But no, not even that, she was just like everyone else.

Cally lifted her fork and began to pick at her repast, not really hungry at that moment.
She noticed her mother's eyes harden and she then began to lever small, meager portions of cold mashed potatoes into her mouth.
It was a slow-going process, but by the end of dinner she'd finished her plate.
Her mother took her plate, and told her to go to bed. She tip-toed up the stairs and into her room to wait until the lights went out. Cally patiently sat by her closed bedroom door. Occasionally looking out to check if her mother had gone to bed yet.  
She quickly duck her head back into her room as she saw the older woman's shadow creep up the stairs. Cally then waited awhile longer until quiet muffled snores filled the hallway.
She snuck down to the door with ease, for she had done this plenty of times before.

The trees stained blue in the shady light of the moon, as it shined down upon them. A gentle late-Summer breeze whistled across her visage, and she breathed in its musky scent.
She silently stalked through the forest, only the noise of the rustleing leaves and night creatures filled the empty air.
A large clearing came into her sight and a slightly crumbled dock, standing in the path of the wide expance of a lake.
She came to sit upon her usual spot at the end of the dock, her feet dangling over the edge, subtly grazing the water.
Cally gazed up at the full moon that danced atop the water. Indigo clouds lazily drifted afront the serene scene that seemed to freeze before her.
Seeming to stop time itself.
And minutes later, she was still gazing upon this beautiful sight, when the bushed rattled.


Author's Note: Okay, first of all, I love feedback, so tell me how you feel about it and if I should continue.
AND, I'd love some ideas for some of the upcoming chapter.
Thnx, I hope you enjoyed this 1st chapter.
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Comments (6)

continue you be amazing
on April 15, 2013
Love it! It's so...dark. And awesome. Continue!
on April 03, 2013
i loved it i could feel every thing cally was u have a great talent with words u should totally continue
on February 24, 2013
OH... MY... GOSH!! Such detail,.... such discriptive writing and detail..... you are SOOO talented. I can only dream of being such a detailed and discripive writer such as yourself. Please continue. She should have a back story. Something that shows why she is so 'messy' and whatnot. Sure she is a liar or something of the sort but write WHY in the next chapter. See More▼
on February 17, 2013
I thought it was really good!!! Please wright more so I will know her secret and what she's doing at the lake!!! You're very talented, keep up the good work:)
on January 08, 2013
I enjoyed it. But what is so messy about Sally?
on January 06, 2013