Under Aged

Under Aged

A story of wits, judgement , truth, lies, and much more. What lies under the excitement as Taylor enters the true meaning of high school.

published on January 26, 201422 reads 14 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


Sadly, I said farewell to all of my aunts and uncles as I entered my mom's jet blue Durango. It was happening, I was being forced to moved to a place I never even heard before the announcement of the move.
     " Taylor, are all the bags in the trunk?", my mother asked me in her stern voice. I groaned loudly.
     " Yes mom." I replied back to her question. I felt pain and unhappiness towards my mother whenever I spoke to her now. I just didn't feel the same connection to her as I did before the moving.
     " Well, we got 19 hours of hardcore driving ahead."
     " Yeah." I huffed unsurely. I felt the car jerk forward as we went on ward to Florida. I was going to miss home sweet home.
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Comments (1)

This is epic!! :D
on July 28, 2014