Little Mix and One Dieriction

Little Mix and One Dieriction

this is about Little Mix and One Direction before they became famous in my own way

published on January 11, 201413 reads 9 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
Metting Eachother

Metting Eachother

They all go to school Jesy Jade Perri and Leigh-Anne are all BFF'S the story begins Perri is at her locker and Jesy they are talking then they go to class they run into Zayn he says " Umm sorry im Zayn and you are " Perri says " Im Im Im Im Im " she gazes in his eyes Jesy says " She is Perri well im gonna go so ill be over there with Jade and Leigh-Anne you two talk " Jesy goes to the others Jade says " Who is the cute boy " Leigh-Anne says " Looks like Perri likes him " Jesy says " Oh him his name is Zayn we bumped into him and Perri was like Im Im Im Im Im so yeah " then a boy who is friend's with Zayn named Niall says " Umm your kinda blocking my locker " Jade says " Oh um sorry hi im Jade " Niall says " Hay cool Hair " Jade says " oh thanks you to " Niall says " Your funny hey you want to come to my place to watch a movie " Jade says " um sure Friday Night sound good " Niall says " Sure ill see ya there " Niall leaves to go to Zayn Leigh-Anne says " he is friend's with Zayn you can go on a double date " Perri goes to the girls and says " Hey was sup " Jesy says " Hey you know that boy over there " Perri says " Yeah Niall Zayn introduced me to him why " Leigh-Anne says " Jade is dating Niall " Perri says " oh congratulations " Jade says " And Perri you dating Zayn Congratulations " Perri says " Well no not exactly he never asked me " Leigh-Anne says to a girl " hey what are these posters for " the girl says " School Dance everybody has to have a date to go Jesy says " Ill go ask George brb see ya " Leigh-Anne says " Hey i can go with him he is named Liam bye " Then Louis goes up to Perri and ask " Your Perri Right " Perri says " Yes I am let me guess Louis i heard you are a friend of Zayn's right " Louis says " Yeah and this is my best friend Harry " Harry says " Nice to meet you " Perri says " This is my best friend Jade she is dating Niall " Louis says " He is one of my other Best Friends " then Harry goes to his friends and Jade says " Im gonna go find Jesy and Leigh-Anne bye " Louis says " can i ask you something " Perri says " Oh sure what is it " Louis says " Will you go to the dance with me " Perri looks over at Zayn and says " Umm Sure why not " Louis says " Thank you Perri your the best " Perri says " I cant wait for Zayn i don't even know if he likes me
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