A Sparkle of Romance

A Sparkle of Romance

It is a Flashlight fan fic or story that have several chapters and after stories. Hope u like it!!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1


I kept on reading...... I didn't know what time it was but judging from the sky it was probably about 11:00? Whatever...... I didn't care. Flash was probably still outside guarding my front door. My eyes were drooping and my body was uncomfortable lying down on the wooden floor of my tree house- library. Before I knew it I was asleep. A few or so minutes later I felt a muscular body with wings carry me to a soft, more comfortable place to lie down on (probably my bed) then I felt unconscious right after that.

I woke up at around 4? 5? The sun still wasn't up nevertheless I stretched my wings, stumbled down the stairs, levitated books and a cup of tea to me. I sat down and continued studying.

"Princess." Said a stallion's voice " you shouldn't be up this early"

It was Flash, my royal guard I noticed he wasn't wearing his armor which reveal his spiky sticking up blue mane, his big wings and his orange muscular body covered with a few, but also very big, scars. With his blue eyes staring at me" get to bed you need rest as a princess" he told me, coming out of his spare room which had nothing but a blanket and a poster in it.

"Fine." I grumbled, closing my book and brushing my purple mane out of my eyes" BUT! On one condition, you have to let me buy furniture for your room, I know that you aren't very comfortable with your room!"

"No, princess, I cannot let you do that. It's unnecessary for a princess to buy furniture for a royal guard."

"Then if you don't let me then I won't go to bed until I want to for the next decade."

"Okay! Fine. If that's what you wanna do I can't force you not to. Your a princess after all and I'm just your royal guard."

"My FIRST royal guard and your not JUST a guard, your my friend."


The next day Twighlight met me at the front door to buy furniture. She had a saddle bag full of bits. I hesitated.

"Princess, are you sure you REALLY wanna buy furniture for me?"

"Yep. And remember we had a deal."

She's right we did have a deal. By the end of the day she'd bought me a nice bed with a red blanket, a large furry carpet to fill space and a book shelf, for books of course and personal belongings. I had a better sleep on a bed than on a floor last night.

The next day I heard somepony knock on my door. I opened it cautiously and I was surprised to see Twighlight there to greet me in the morning.

"Good morning Flash!"

"Good morning your highness"

She started doing that since the first time she did. She says good morning then invites me to breakfast. It's been the same every morning but this time she said-

"You know I can't help but notice your poster."

She was looking at my only decoration on the wall. A poster of my favourite band: Lightning Strikes, I listen to it every time I go flying through tornados, thunder storms and other stuff like that! it makes me feel unstoppable.

"It's my favourite band; lightning strikes."

"I'm not very fond of heavy music, I prefer pop. What are heavy music songs about?"

"Sadness, happiness, killing and murder, power and other stuff."

"Killing and murder?!"

"Don't worry! I don't listen to those kinds I like the happiness and power ones."

"Good. Mind if I hear one?"


I walked out of my room, went to the radio, put my cd in and pressed play.as the song reached its first chorus Twighlight started nodding her head to the beat. Sooner or later she started dancing. Then it felt awkward just her dancing so I joined in too.


Flash joined me dancing and bobbed up and down doing my "unique" style of dancing. Then I accidentally slipped on a piece of paper on the floor which made me dive right into Flash.

There we were. On the floor. Staring at each other. Me on top of him. My face turned scarlet and so did his. We were just blinking at each other awkwardly. Then Spike came in.

"Well well well. Aren't certain someponies being to friendly?"
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Love it!! It's the best Flashlight story I've ever read!
on June 03, 2014
Write More!!! ...please...
on May 21, 2014
Wow! This is awesome!
on January 10, 2014
GAAAAAUUUUUHH hurry up and write the rest!!!
on January 10, 2014