A wolf starts off stray. He was known as Silent, the wolf who roams the forest. One day was his luckiest. He was offered shelter, food, water, and to train, fight, to become a warrior. He was requested to go on a special journey with 2 other wolves, far more different to him. That was the day they earned their names.

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Chapter 1.


'Why am I feared?' Scar thought. Well the other wolves call him Scar, so that is his name.
Scar was feared by all. He never knew why. Others say, he was born by the evil gods. The only weird thing about him, is the way he stares at the pups.
Scar got up on all fours to pad out of the cave.
"Look! Quick, it's Scar! Run! Hide the pups!" Scar heard the wolves say. All the pups were hidden, except for one. The pup was lying on the dirt, staring into the trees, lying as still as he can. 'He won't see me! As long as I stay still!' Thought the pup.
"Having trouble, little pup?" Scar poked him with his nose.
"Don't you dare!" A she-wolf jumped out of her den." He may not be mine, but you will never hurt our pups!" Scar was shocked to see bravery from her.
The pup jumped on his paws and ran to the east. He stopped just by the trees and turned to face Scar. "I will take you down if I have to!" The pup growled.
"Take me down? Your a tiny pup!" Scar chuckled. "Your on!"
The pup barked then charged. So did Scar. They were closing in on each other, when Scar snatched up the pup and sprinted to the eastern forest.
"You belong here now." Scar spoke gently, stopping by a tree, and a small cave. "Make the stars proud. Make your future a good future. Your destiny will guide you." Scar made the words whizz around the pups head. And with that, Scar bounded off.
The pup barked for help. He didn't know where to go. He didn't know what to do. Still barking, the pup ran to the north, hopeful to find a pack.
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Dun dun duuunnn.....
on May 10, 2015
Love it!!!!
on July 24, 2014
Ooh I like wolves so great story so far
on January 29, 2014
Thank you!!!
on January 10, 2014
i love wolves!! it's definitely a 5 star from me!! i can't wait to read more!!!
on January 09, 2014