The Haunted Mansion (1)

The Haunted Mansion (1)

this story is about Julia and her brother Adam move into a old haunted house that her mom inherited from there gram's

published on January 08, 20144 reads 4 readers 1 not completed
Moving In

Moving In

they are in the car and Julia says " Why did we have to move from New York its not fair " Mom says " Julia me and your dad were fighting to much we had to get out of there " Woody says " So we leave what house is this any ways " Mom says " it is not a house its a mansion and we are very lucky to have it i inherited it from your gram's now were here  get out and look around " they all get out of the car Julia says " Wow old " Mom says " It just need a little fixing " Woody says " Little allot of fixing so mom this is freaky " Woody says " I agree with you on that " Mom says " Kids just give the Mansion a shot at it ok " Julia says " I guess and our school is down the street everybody is going to know where we live yeah ( not ) Mom says " Well go look in your new rooms " Julia comes in the house it is dusty she says " Why is this place so ...... " Woody says " Creepy " Julia says " I was going to say Dusty but that to " Julia goes to her room and says " My windows have salt on them and on the floor around my bed wow what did gram's do with this house " She hears someone around the door she says " Hello anyone there Mom Woody hello " then she hears foot steps going downstairs she runs down stairs and says " Woody why were you up stairs at my door " Woody says " I did not do it nobody went up stairs " Julia says " Oh really then why did i hear someone at my door and going down stairs " Mom says " Woody never went up stairs he was down here with me " Julia says " Ugh You never believe me always Woody I never wanted to move in this sticking mansion " Julia runs upstairs sits on her bed and says " I got to pick clothes for school not that or that one huh no ha ha that one " everybody goes to bed it is the next day Julia and Woody go to school it is lunch time Julia sits by herself but then a boy named Brian sits with Julia and says " Hey I'm Brian your name " Julia says " I'm Julia im new i live down the road " Brian says " The Old Mansion i heard that Mansion is haunted by a ghost " Julia says " I don't really believe in that stuff " Brian says " You dont hear any foot steps goin down stairs " Julia says " I did hear it but i think it was just my little brother " Brian says " You are truly beautiful Julia " Julia says " Aww thanks i also have all A's and did i tell you .... " Brian kisses Julia She says " That is a nice way to tell me to shut up " then Brian says " i got to go to the library bye "  a girl named Millie says " Hi im Millie i see Brian kissed you " Julia says " Yeah " Millie says " he kisses every new girl sorry when i was new he kissed me " Julia says " Im Julia by the way " Millie says " Im Millie can i come to your house " Julia says " Its not a house it is a Mansion the one down the road " Millie says " I want to go see it ill walk home with you " Julia says " Sure " ( Julia is in the picture )
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It is not finished yet
on January 08, 2014