The Death Murder of Marie's Boyfriend

The Death Murder of Marie's Boyfriend

it is about Marie Boyfriend who got murdered by someone and she finds out it was someone who was close to her and they live in London

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Chapter 1.
The Death Day

The Death Day

Marie goes to school with her BFF's Sasha & Kasey they both go to Marie's house and Marie comes outside and says " Hey Girls school time " Sasha says " Ok so at lunch are you sitting with us or Todd again it does not matter " Kasey says " You should sit with Todd he is totally perfect for you and you've been dating 2 years now i swear when we get out of high school he is gonna marry you " Marie says " you have one wild imagination well see ya later "
* Lunch *
Marie says " Hey Todd was sup " Todd says " Hey babe im good where is Sasha and Kasey " Marie says " Over there well i got to go love ya " She kisses him on the cheek Todd says " love ya to " Marie says " bye " Marie walks home by her self her Ex-Boyfriend from when she lived in New York Johnny says " BOO hey you looking nice " Marie says " Johnny you moved to London i i cant believe it " Johnny says " Yeah i moved here because i was thinking we can date again i missed you " Marie says " Oh umm i have a boyfriend his name is Todd sorry " Johnny says " Oh i did not know but i missed you " then he almost kisses her Marie puts his hand down and says " Johnny you and me had a history but not anymore but you will still be in my heart somewhere goodbye " she kisses him on the cheek and says " you should enroll at North high school but we should just be friends  see ya " it the next day Marie introduces Johnny to Todd there at lunch Marie says " Johnny meet Todd Johnny was my Ex-Boyfriend when i lived in New York " Todd says " Oh hi its nice to meet you " Johnny says " You to " Todd says " well Marie dinner tonight at Steaks Pete " Marie says " Cant wait bye babe " then it is 6 Marie gets a call from his mom and says " Marie umm im afraid your date is cancel " Marie ask " Why why " Todds Mom says " He was ....." Marie says " WHAT is it "  Todds Mom says " He was Murdered by someone " Marie hangs up the phone she cries on the floor ( Marie and Todd in the picture )
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