Loves Triangles

Loves Triangles

this story is about a boy and a girl in the big apple falling in love with eachother

published on January 06, 201410 reads 10 readers 1 completed
Metting in the Big Apple

Metting in the Big Apple

It was another Snowy Day Jane was in the store getting snow globes for her uncle she went to the counter desk she says " Hello Mrs. Griffin how are you today " Mrs. Griffin says " Good i see your getting snow globes for who " Jane says " My uncle he is in the hospital " Mrs. Griffin Says " Oh my my my how " Jane says " Tonsules he will be out in a couple of days though so im getting snow flakes for him " Mrs. Griffin says " You have eyes just like your mother and your hair is like hers you might turn into her she was a great women " Jane says " I never got to meet her because then she died a couple of months after i was born it would've been nice to know her what she looked like " Mrs. Griffin says " She looked like you your 16 right " Jane says " Yes i am i have to go i have a coffee date bye " she turns around bumps into a man Jane says " Sorry for bumping into you " The man says " please don't be sorry hi im Zachary " Jane says " Im Jane " Zachary says " you have beautiful eyes " Jane says " thanks you go to north high school right " Zachary says " yeah im 16 you go there " Jane says " Yeah im 16 to and i go to north high school oh crap my boy friend is going to be so mad bye Mrs.Griffin Bye Zachary it was nice meeting you " Zachary Says " Me to bye see ya at school i guess " Jane runs to the Coffee restaurant and says " Sorry im so late " Josh says " Where have you been " Jane says " Antique store buying snow globes for my uncle and then i bumped into a boy named Zachary who goes to our school then we started talking and i forgot about our date im sorry " Josh says " Zachary Ellington he is the person that does my homework for me he is a nerd listen to me your the cheer leading captain im foot ball captain and im dating you not him " Jane says " I know that i never said i liked him or loved him for that matter did i you know what im tired fighting with you im breaking up with you ok " Josh says " Fine what about you ask Zachary to be your boyfriend " Jane says " Yeah maybe i will because you never loved me the only reason we started dating was because everyone wanted us to date in the first place " then Jane runs off crying and then she bumps into Zachary Says " Jane why are you crying don't cry " Jane says " I had a fight with my EX BOYFRIEND he thought i loved you " Zachary says " Do you love me " Jane says " Yes i do " then she kisses him and they live happily ever after
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that was a nice short story!!
on January 10, 2014