No Hope Left

No Hope Left

This is the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, and as the story continues people grow, people die, and people kill. And while you think the zombies are the problem, you are DEAD wrong.

published on January 06, 201417 reads 10 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

How It Began

The last thing I remember of the world before everything went crazy was my friends telling me what was happening in Georgia. They told me that men were going around eating people like cannibals, everyone thought they were at first, and it would just go away, and the cops would handle it, but man, were we wrong. It spread throughout the state so fast, everyone, dead, but still walking. It kept spreading across the U.S, like a terrible plague. We were the 45th state to get hit, seems like awhile, but once that man that was infected got on the plane, it spread like wildfire. Why? How? What? Those are questions that all of us asked, before we died.
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Comments (1)

Wow! Soo good!!! Keep on writing! Though I'm gonna get nightmares now
on June 28, 2014