A quest of a lifetime!

A quest of a lifetime!

My first quest! Awsome also a new procphey! ohh ahh Exciting and new demigods!!!

published on January 01, 201345 reads 9 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

The Prophecy

I was just haging out with Leo, in the sword arena when Rachel walked up and said hi.
Heres the conversation:
Me: Hi
Leo: Sup Rachel?
Rachel: Hello, Hey watcha doin?
Leo: Just hagin.
Rachel suddenly speaks in a raspy voice
You shall journey to the town you were named.
Where the mother of monsters reigns.
Defeat her you will bring prosparity.
If not there you shall bring hostility.
You shall bring a girl & Boy.
Another 3 will be found ohboy

She calapses and leo and I catch her.

Then I relize I have reseaved a prophecy
so I have a quest.
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Comments (2)

Dude i explain in the story And no i dont know why shes not a god
yes i explained why artemis had her in the conversation with Leo
on January 02, 2013
Cool story!! Not to be rude but if the girl is a daughter of both Artemis and Poseidon, wouldn't that make her a goddess and not a demigod? And didn't Artemis swear to never marry?
on January 02, 2013