The Pen That Would Not Stop Writing

This story ia about a 11-year-old girl named Sandra. Sandra loves to write but what'll she do when she finds a strange pen in the woods? Will she take it ? Will she leave it? What powers does it have? All of these questions and more will be answered when you read this story.

published on February 16, 201520 reads 4 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.


She walks slowly into the wods. Shhhe looks around and sees no sign of life except the gentle breeze blowing through her hair. She cautiously steps forward and hears a sound. Creeeeaaakkk! She spins around and looks alert, ready to fight. Then she looks down and sees a pen. It was silver with purple swirls. "OOH PRETTY!" sANDRA EXCLAIMS. sHE PICKS IT UP AND GOES home.
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Comments (2)

aaawww thx mayube ill do just that but ull have to wait and see
on February 20, 2015
i like your story,plzzzzzzzzzzzz write that what happens next??????????????,i am waiting for you next chapters

form daniaa
on February 20, 2015