Eye of the Swordsman DEMO

Eye of the Swordsman DEMO

The year is 1456, and a mysterious 19 year-old male comes to the peaceful village of Akai Yoake Haitsu. People are just starting to realize that there is something weird about this young man, and no-one is sure, just exactly, what it is... Recommended for ages 16+

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Chapter 1: Welcome, Red Dawn

At the Red Dawn Inn, a young man named Tamashī Araito sits at a table, sipping saki (Japanese alchohol). He wears a sakura styled kimono, and has a sword at his feat. He motions one of the ladies working there his way a moment. A young woman approaches him, holding a serving tray, and asks "Yes, sir? May I get you anything else?". He simply says, "Saki". She then takes his empty cups, and moments later, returns with a bottle, and a clean cup.

    As if just noticing, the young girl sees Tamashi is wearing a bandage around his right eye. She hadn't seen it yet, because he kept that side of his face in the opposite direction. She says, "Will there be anything else, sir?". He nods, turns to her and smiles dimly, "No thank you.", then proceeds to drink his saki. Just then, a man barges in to the inn, drunk obviously, and draws a knife to the working man at the counter. He spurts out, "Give me all the money you assholes have!". Tamashi notices, but remains seated calmly. He sips saki. The man at the counter couldn't move fast enough to hand over the coins. After which, the drunk man swings the knife, slashing the clerks throat, who tried to pull away. Tamashi puts down his saki cup, and people are screaming, as the clerk bleeds savagely from his slit throat...

    The drunken man, hobbles to the door swiftly. As he is about to exit, he pushes the young waitress against the wall. The man then exits, holding the coin pouch he took. As soon as he gets outside into the village, in the nights air, he hears, "Excuse me, sir..." He turns to see Tamashi standing at the door. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT -- you one-eyed punk?!" Tamashi puts his hand on his sword handle, and just like that, the drunken man couldn't even feel himself being cut down. The man dropped like a fly, and Tamashi was already sheathing his blade. "You shouldn't treat ladies with such disrespect..." The man at the counter was being attended to, and the lady sees Tamashi re-enter the inn. He hands her the bag, says "Thank you.", and exits...
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you should contine writing this its pretty good
on January 11, 2013