Your alive?

Your alive?

How long has it been?! Days, weeks months? Maybe.... Longer? No probably just a few months, I have been so busy during the months, so because I missed things here are stories.

published on February 09, 201415 reads 11 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
How've ya been?

How've ya been?

As I said it's been a while, y'know high school and my job and my karate. Y'know average teenage stuff. Since I've been away let's get to warm welcomes!

Hi there having a good day? Yay! Feeling like you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Cheer up!

Been low the past few days, c'mon feel the glow of that screen on your face!

So I've been away.... For a while and you know this and I know this. During that time my friends have done me the favour of giving me my own confidence to write my own fanfiction (If you want a bit of that tell me!) they've been amazing. During this time I have been going to the gym I've been feeling real happy with what I'm doing, I'm also happy that. Managed to tell my secret to my friends after years of bottling up! I'm also going to Florida on a years time so something to look forward to!
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