Amore Ceilo's life

Amore Ceilo's life

This is my MLp OC, this is my story of a pony come to Ponyville and his adventures. (Authors note: not all the mane 6 are in here.)

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A new life For Amore

A new life For Amore

Celestia rose the sun and not a cloud was in the sky, Amore Ceilo was excited as it was his 1st day of school in Ponyville, as he trotted past the hall he saw a big red building, he then made his way past some ponies and as he got to the door took a deep breath then went in, he looked around and marvelled at the art on the wall, then saw a purple mare with a pink mane, she smiled and walked over to him, "Hello, I'm Miss Cheralee, are you the new student?" Amore Ceilo nodded, "Sì signorina Cheralee. Il mio nome è amore il cielo" Miss Cheralee cocked her head a bit, "do you speak English?" Amore blushed slightly, "sí, sorry I forget I not in ponuseum, Rome." Miss Cheralee chuckles, "that's quite alright Amore Cielo, welcome take a seat, class will begin soon." Amore Ceilo nods, "grazie signorina Cheralee." Then he takes his seat. The bell rings and filly's and colts come and take there seat, a orange Pegasi filly with a beautiful pink mane came and sat next to him, she sees him then leans over and whispers, "Hi there, my name is Scootaloo, what's your name?" Amore smiles and whispers back, "Ciao Scootaloo, my name Amore Ceilo." Scootaloo smiles then miss Cheralee quiets the class down, "Good morning Everypony, we have a new student today, Amore Ceilo come up and tell us a little but about yourself." Amore Ceilo then walks up to the front, "Ciao, my name is Amore Cielo, I come from Ponuseum, Rome in Italy, I move to Ponyville to live with my zia, or as you call Aunty, ponyville has many amazing ponies and I hope to learn lot here as much as I teach you about Rome, grazie." He then goes and takes his seat again. Miss Cheralee nods, "Thank you Amore Ceilo, Now today class we are going to talk about Cutie Marks again.. What is a cutie mark?" Amore mumbled, "non ho ancora uno." Scootaloo leans over to him, "Amore Ceilo are you ok?" Amore flicks his tail over his flank then replies, "sí, I'm fine Scootaloo grazie." Scootaloo nods then leans over to a yellow pony with a pink bow in her red mane and a white unicorn with a pink and purple mane and they chat and giggle, the rest of the day was a drag then the bell rang to go home, Amore Ceilo picked up his Saddlebag and headed to the door then Scootaloo and the two she chatted with came up to him, "hey Amore you doing anything today?" Scootaloo asks, Amore shakes his head, "no." The yellow pony then stands next to Scootaloo, "howdy, I'm Applebloom, I live and work at Sweet apple acres, my family founded this here town ah Ponyville. It's nice to meet ya." Amore nods, "sí, it's nice to meet you too Applebloom." The white unicorn then comes and stands on the other side of Scooraloo, "Hi Amore, my name is Sweetie belle, I live with my sister at the boutique, and it is indeed nice to meet you." Amore nods, "sí." Scootaloo then smiles, "how would you like to hang with us, we can show you round." The others nod and Amore replies, "Grazia I very much like that." He then sees they're flanks, before he could open his mouth a voice sounded behind him, "please, Amore Ceilo why hang with these blank flanks, you can hang with us." He turned and saw a pink filly with a purple and white mane and a tiara cutie mark an he saw a grey filly with lighter grey mane with a silver spoon cutie mark. "Dimond Tiara why do we even talk to the blank flanks?" The grey filly says, tiara turns around, "Silver Spoon Iv told you it's what I do." Amore then stands tall, "Silver spoon, dimond Tiara what wrong with Blank Flanks? A blank flank means we have potenziale." Tiara laughs, "Amore Ceilo why do you stick up for these pathetic Blank Flanks?" Amore Ceilo then uncovers his flank, "because I am blank as well." Diamond Tiara snorts, "we'll then I guss you can't hang with us Blank flank." Amore Ceilo's ears droop, "hey, why pick on Amore Ceilo he's done nothin wrong." Applebloom said but tiara and silver spoon were already walking away.
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