Sorrow Legends: The Battle Begins

Sorrow Legends: The Battle Begins

Sorrow had murdered his brother, and was taken to Lumbridge hall, a place where he was tied up and left there. Sorrow needed an escape. Would he escape? Would Inosuke come back to him? Or would Inosuke come back as a normal boy, forgetting everything, and bring back evil with him? Sorrow is in trouble. And he knows he is.

published on December 28, 201315 reads 5 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.


Brown hair stained. Tied in chains. Breaking free for evil.
Sorrow only went psycho and became a killing machine 5 nights ago. He was tied in a small cage. He was only fed stale bread and 3 week old water.
This time, Sorrow will escape. Sorrow knows what he would do.
"Need help? We should of been uh...friends." Came an unfamiliar voice. Inosuke appeared from the darkness. They are both evil. But Sorrow knows better.
"If you can cut through these chains... I will..." Sorrow became furious. The chains exploded to dust. Sorrow had escaped. Sorrow was happy. But angry. He is Inosuke now. He is a killing machine and is hungry for blood.
"Uh... You wanna.... Join.... Forces?" Inosuke spoke quietly, making sure not to threaten Sorrow.
"ME!? JOIN YOU!? HA!"  Sorrow laughed. " I'd rather DIE than join you!" That got Inosuke.
Fangs ripped through Inosuke like how he did it to Sorrow.
"DIE!? I would rather DIE to look at you! Drink your blood! EVEN THINK ABOUT YOU!" Inosuke was in tears. Tears of blood. Then he disappeared. Leaving Sorrow alone on the prison roof.
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Comments (2)

That is awesome and I understand
We all make mistakes
on January 19, 2014
Grrr! I wrote daughter! I ment to write Lola was sorrows future girl. If u get to that part u know what I mean
on December 31, 2013