the sun and the moon

the sun and the moon

journey into an amazing world with sunny and moona. who is sunny and moona well find out just read it

published on December 26, 201315 reads 9 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.


a long, long time a go there was a beautiful goddess who fell in love with the king of myth. there love was so strong it could not be broken. soon the lovely couple gave birth to two beautiful girls named sunny and moona. there was a strong vibe of hatred between the two no matter what there mother and dad did, nothing could help. soon the hatred between the two became so strong that it disturbed something in the core of peace which held the land of magic and myth realm up so high up and kept the none magical away unless wanted. every day there hatred grow stronger and stronger. the king/dad had to do something. and so he took sunny and turned her into a ball of fire and put in the sky during the day and at night let her back down at night into her regular self. and turned moona into a ball of mineral and put her into the sky at night. this lasted for many years until one day there dad grew restless and forget less and soon forgot to turn them back to themselves. and so every morning sunny comes up and goes down. and at night moona comes up and goes down.
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Comments (3)

More please! solar / lunar eclipse?
on March 28, 2014
I like t, jjust make sure you have good grammar, and punctuation!
on January 05, 2014
i want moooooooore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice story i wish to know what happens... oh and tell me when you update more ok i'm your new follower so find me in your list
on December 29, 2013